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The Basics of Decorating Your Dream Apartment, Just in Time for Fall

Moving into a new apartment can be overwhelming. If you’re like me, simply filling your new place with furniture isn’t enough to make it feel like home. Yet, creating the apartment of your dreams is easier than you think.

I embrace fashion as a way to express myself out in the world and I did the same when decorating my apartment. Remember, “fashion” isn’t limited to just clothes. To me, fashion includes everything from makeup to Pinterest-worthy bedspreads. This is how I embraced a different side of fashion to create the college apartment of my dreams.

1—Prioritize the areas where you spend the most time.


Simply put, my bedroom is my sanctuary. I avoid doing homework or applying for internships from bed because I want it to be a place for relaxation. This made decorating my room to be the ultimate escape extremely important. Wherever your ultimate escape is, put a little extra effort into decorating it. It’s okay to splurge on a boho bedding set for your room or gorgeous artwork for your living room!

2—Embrace function and aesthetic.

night stand

I’m a get up and go kind of person, so I wanted to design my space to reflect that. This catch-all dish on my nightstand gives me a place to put the items I always reach for before leaving the house. If you spend more time in your living room with your friends, then a catch-all dish for keys may work better on your coffee table.

3—Use the space you now have.

skincare vanity

Some essentials for cramped dorm life are unnecessary once you have your own place. If you now have your own bathroom, you can ditch the shower caddy you toted to communal dorm showers. Evaluate what you no longer need before moving. Your new place will then stay more organized and less cluttered. You’ll also have more room for the items you really love.

4—Fill your space with what you love.

fashion books on coffee table

Having my own apartment allows me to make space for the things I really love. Instead of packing all of my fashion books into storage, I can now keep them on display in my living room. This helps my apartment feel more personalized and it also inspires me to be more creative.

Creating your dream apartment doesn’t have to feel impossible. These four tips will ensure you get it right every time! How did you create your dream living space? Let me know in the comments!

*This article originally appeared on CollegeFashionista.