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The Easiest Way to Shop Sustainable Fashion—On Any Budget

It may seem like sustainable fashion is inaccessible, but this is a major misconception, even in the fashion industry. Just because you don’t have an Eileen Fisher budget, doesn’t mean you can’t be more responsible in your purchases. Unfortunately, this isn’t well-known. The fashion industry is among the most environmentally taxing, ethically compromising industries that supports economies around the globe. No effort is too small in an attempt to consume fashion more sustainably, and I’m here to show you how to do it on any budget.

Get Thrifty

jenna wearing sustainable fashion

If you’re on a tight budget, thrifting is the easiest way to shop sustainable fashion. It may just end up saving you money! When I first became interested in sustainability, thrifting seemed like the natural place to start. After all, thrifting supports individual consigners, not exploitative corporations. Plus, thrifting doesn’t pay into the vast consumption of natural resources that goes into supporting garment creation at the multinational level.

Mix and Match It

This suede mock-neck dress is one of my favorite pieces, which is why I wore it to the CollegeFashionista Clubhouse in Nolita this summer. It also happens to be a thrift-store find that I scored for $7. I like to mix my thrift-store scores with my investment pieces. My favorite way to wear this dress is by pairing it with my favorite black leather Cole Haan booties.

Try Thrifting on For Size

Want to get started with thrifting but don’t know where to start? Let me lay out the basics for you. While Manhattan is the shopping capital of the States, I’ve had better luck patronizing thrift stores in Philadelphia. In my experience, thrifting in Philly yields more finds for less money spent, which is never a bad thing.

Thrift-store shopping is somewhat of a gamble in that you can never be sure if you’re going to find something worth walking out with. But who am I to speak for you? Get started yourself by finding your local Buffalo Exchange or Goodwill, but don’t hesitate to check out locally-owned thrift-stores while you’re at it!

What do you think—would you consider rolling up your sleeves to thrift in the name of sustainability? Let me know in the comments!